Break Out of the Box

Email design isn’t known for being bold. Emails have a header, footer, and a bit in the middle where the bulk of the content goes. The header traditionally contains your brand’s logo and often (shudder) a navigation bar. Footers usually contain terms and conditions, postal addresses or other contact methods, social media icons, an unsubscribe link, and maybe a view online link. The bit in the middle? A template that organises the contents into some sort of grid structure. Continue reading “Break Out of the Box”

Embracing the fold

Hearing the term “the fold” in terms of email marketing forces my eyes into the back of my head where they refuse to rollback. I may actually hate the term “the fold”.

What is the fold? It’s a term which originally came from print design, specifically newspaper printing. The biggest headlines and most important stories need to be above-the-fold to ensure they’re seen and attract readers.

What’s the fold when it comes to email?

It’s that top part of the email, before it gets cut off in a preview pane or device window. But the trouble with email is, where exactly is this fold? With so many devices to support, the fold’s basically nonsense. Basically. Continue reading “Embracing the fold”