Getting to grips with transactional emails

Transactional emails – they’re not exciting. Least of all when they land in your inbox. A notification of this, or letting you know you’ve only got $2 left in your bank account. Typically transactional emails are sent when a customer does something on a website. Creating an account, making a purchase, updating their profile, those sort of things.

Transactional emails have a track record of having a higher engagement rate than your regular marketing emails. Talking opens, click-throughs and conversions here. But they’re often overlooked.

A huge part of my job has been to create transactional emails from scratch. Talking design, figuring out their website triggers, for customers all over the world. Different languages, different cultures. The learning curve has been steep. And I’m still learning. One of the best forms of learning? Teaching others about what you’ve learnt. So here I go. Continue reading “Getting to grips with transactional emails”