Hello! Welcome to Just Another Email Blog.

My name’s Jaina, I work in email marketing and very recently I had the fairly mundane idea to start up a blog where I could wax lyrical about all things email and share some of the email related Internet finds.

Now, I don’t classify myself as an expert in my field, merely someone who really rather enjoys working in the email marketing field and would like to have more than 140 characters to share some of the things I find.

How about a little bit about me?

Well, you know my name and what I do. I’ve been working in and around email for about 8 years now. In those 8 years I’ve seen and done image only emails, been asked to email a PDF as a marketing email, been asked to send out a piece of email marketing through Outlook, gone from thoroughly cursing just Outlook to laying some venom down on Outlook and Gmail and getting to grips with both responsive and fluid emails. (FYI I’m on the side of fluid/responsive emails NOT adaptive.)

I’m currently working for a London-based start-up called Padawan Group. I recently swapped my London commute to a working-from-home regime, by moving to Bahrain in May of this year. My day-to-day working life is filled with designing, building, planning, reporting, analysing – pretty much doing everything and anything to do with email marketing! A challenging role, that’s for sure! Definitely keeps me on my toes.

I do run another blog, my personal blog – Time Well Spent where I blog about the goings on in my life, film, TV, photos and whatever else happens to be on my mind.

So, as I said, I want to use this blog as a base to share some of what I find on the topic of email. And share some of my designs, designs that I’ve seen out there that I really rate. I do hope you’ll join me.