Email – where should we go from here?

Is it me or are there two camps forming in Email Marketing at the moment?

Since the birth of email marketing, email designers and developers have had to hack their way around HTML code, using archaic HTML development techniques in order produce emails that just work.

With time, ISPs have been improving. Slowly. Allowing us in the industry to innovate and use some newer CSS and HTML techniques to enhance our emails for our users.

Progressive enhancement has been the name of the game. That is, progressively enhancing your emails by using new techniques but having solid a fallback in place for those uglier email providers. *cough* Gmail *cough*

There are many of those working in email today that are taking progressive enhancement to new levels. Not content with including web fonts and a little bit of CSS3 animation, email developers are including interactive content, carousels and hamburger menus in their emails. After all, we’re using Which is truly astonishing. I’ve not witnessed this amount of development in such a short amount of time within email marketing. Continue reading “Email – where should we go from here?”