Email behaviour – can it be changed?

Email is old. Technically the first message to be sent electronically was back in 1971, by some guy called Ray Tomlinson, who sent an email to himself. Sure, email has evolved over the years. But at its core, email is a still messaging platform.

The way people use email hasn’t changed since we began using it. We’re using email as a 1:1 communication between ourselves and friends, family, businesses, complete strangers, cats, dogs – everyone. Businesses have tapped into our heavy use and reliance on email by sending us marketing messages through email. And we either react to them or not, by opening, reading, replying or simply deleting. Continue reading “Email behaviour – can it be changed?”

Inbox by Gmail – an experiment

It’s been a few weeks now since Google announced and released Inbox by Gmail. As you more than likely know, Inbox was released much like any other Google product – exclusivity with invites. After a little while waiting and searching for a precious invite for Inbox, I was in!

Putting this out there from the beginning. I like Google. Gmail is my inbox of choice, despite its massive issues with HTML email rendering. And yes, I even like and enjoy using Google+. It’s fair to say, I’m a Google fangirl. So I was excited about using Inbox.

I replaced Gmail on my phone (Android of course.) with the Inbox by Gmail app and the same on my computer. I wanted to give this a real shot, to see what all the fuss was about and how Google are changing the email game. Continue reading “Inbox by Gmail – an experiment”