15+ Interview Questions to test potential #emailgeeks

It’s exciting to find out the colleagues are moving onto new pastures. Exciting and sad. After both of those have passed, the dread sets in. The dread of finding someone new to plug the gap in the team.

Throwing the right questions at the candidate in that first interview is key. Especially if the hiring process is more than one interview. Don’t waste anyone’s time and make that first interview count.

I turned to Twitter for help in getting these perfect questions. Perfectly challenging but not too challenging and eye-opening questions to ask of a potential email designer/developer/all-rounder.

I was so surprised to receive so many great questions from #emailgeeks everywhere. And there were so many of them that I a) didn’t get to use all of them and b) felt like they’d make a great blog post for anyone else who might be in the hiring process in email marketing.

Here they are…

16 Interview questions from #emailgeeks for potential new #emailgeeks

  1. How would you measure the success of an email redesign – Ros Hodgekiss
  2. What is a media query? – Mike Ragan
  3. Typography in email. GO – Mike Ragan
  4. What is a hard bounce? – Mike Ragan
  5. What is your favourite ESP and why? – Mike Ragan
  6. How would you handle an email sent with an error in it? – Jason Meeker
  7. You are stuck on a rendering issue in an email client. What do you do? How do you troubleshoot and figure it out? – Kevin Mandeville
  8. How do you approach email design from a creative/strategy standpoint? – Kevin Mandeville
  9. What is the your favourite email you’ve designed and why? – Kevin Mandeville
  10. How do you deal with spam filters? – Sharon J
  11. How do you often approach a design? – Stephen Jesson
  12. Which do you prefer; desktop first or mobile first and why? – Stephen Jesson
  13. How do you cater for Gmail – Stephen Jesson
  14. Which email client do you hate the most? – Becs Rivett Kemm
  15. What do you like to do to showcase your talent in your emails – Becs Rivett Kemm
  16. Where do you get your inspiration for your emails? – Laura Manley

Then there’s these questions, which I would have love to throw at potential interviewees. Because I’m a terrible person:

15+ Email Marketing Interview Questions

  1. When is the best time to send an email? – Elliot Ross
  2. Explain why Sublime text is the best text editor – Josh the Red
  3. Why you no like Gmail? – Sam Sexton
  4. Who’s your favourite #emailgeek? – Elliot Ross
  5. td? Or not td? – Mark Finn
  6. Tell me 10 things you love about Gmail – Mike Ragan
  7. How would you make a responsive stacked layout that would work in Gmail too? – Jitendra Vyas

Thanks for the help guys!

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