Don’t get lazy

Working as an in-house email designer/developer, it’s easy to get lazy. To fall into a routine with email campaign after campaign. Especially if you’ve got a robust template in place and a series of different types of campaigns that are cycled through. You know exactly what you’re doing with each campaign, and it’s just so easy to go on auto-pilot. Complete what you have to do to get the campaign out and move on to the next one.

But don’t get lazy.

It helps no one to be lazy about your work, least of all your customers, company or yourself. Just think about it. With each campaign you’re learning something about your customers. Analyse your campaigns. Figure out what’s making them tick. Which will in-turn make your company very happy if you up your email marketing KPIs, am I right?

Don't get lazy

And how does not being lazy help you? Well, do you want to just be on auto-pilot at work? Push yourself. Learn more. Challenge yourself to be proactive enough, and brave enough, to make changes and not do the same old. It could be something as simple as taking some campaign learnings to update content in your templates. Or something bigger, like taking on hybrid coding and winning.

Just don’t get lazy.

The next time you get an email campaign brief, take a really good look at it. Think about what you can do differently because you’ve learnt that x, or y, doesn’t work. But don’t forget all the things that have been working for you in the past. Ask why. Ask what you can do better than last time. Do one thing differently. You’ll get a whole lot more out of your own day job if you just take yourself off auto pilot and push yourself.

Don't get lazy
Yes it’s hard, but get your arse up and do something!

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